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The purpose of one of the ancient sciences of  Feng shui is to search for beneficial energy flows “Qi” that are used for the benefit of a person. It is especially pleasing, that Feng shui is not only the right direction of energy, but also design. Therefore, when developing a concept and arranging a bathroom, you should take care of maximum utility. This concept means the most chic, which is acceptable from the point of view of Feng Shui – pleasant and soaring, invisible and floating aromas. The decor that embodies the energy of utility is scented candles, interior aroma diffusers, perfumes in transparent bottles. This is where you can start.

Feng shu

What is the right way to deal with Feng Shui energies?

Each of the 5 components is related to nature, so it will play a key role. Among them:

  • Water;
  • Fire;
  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Earth.

The bathroom is one of the main places in every home, so you need to consider all 5 elements. If fire is associated with family well-being, then water is connected with financial flows. And along with these flows, energy is seething, which should be felt in the bathroom. Water, as a symbol of relaxation, tones and is able to cleanse from negative external influences.

As a decor, you can use some metal and wood products, but do not abuse it too much. You can put flowers, flowerpots, plants with earth indoors, but in moderation. If you treat all 5 components correctly, then you can take a shower or bath with incredible pleasure.


What influences the correct location of the bathroom in the house

Since the art of Feng Shui is very subtle and has its own facets, even the smallest details should be taken into account when arranging a bathroom:

  • It is important to correctly choose the shape of the bathroom
  • Proper planning must be done.
  • It is necessary to skillfully combine the color palette.


The order is not important, but the application of the principles in practice can attract wealth to the house. Among the principles for arranging a bathroom according to Feng Shui, it is worth considering the following:

  1. The bathroom should be beautiful, functional and mega comfortable.
  2. By choosing a round version of the bathroom, you can attract money, coins.
  3. It is worth taking care of bright white lighting.
  4. The top palette is a combination of green and blue shades. They reflect the natural color of the water.
  5. You should take care of excellent ventilation and pleasant aromas.
  6. Living plants will purify the air and bring vital energy.
  7. Images in the form of trees, flowers, meadows, seas and rivers will become relevant, because they personify the purification and renewal of the Qi energy.
  8. If a toilet is installed in the bathroom, it is worth taking care of the built-in type (all pipelines, drains and other sewage structures must be hidden from view).
  9. Several wooden decor elements will balance the water element.
  10. Additionally, you can hang the Wind Music decor element on the door, which will impr0ove the Qi energy.


Feng Shui bathroom design

When arranging a bathroom, it is important to forget about clutter. Places for storing bath accessories should be designed so that there are no bulges – extra protruding shelves, “showcases”, etc. It is more correct to hide the furniture, so built-in wardrobes are the best solution. All excess gizmos can be put inside. There cabinets can be made as functional as possible – they can have many shelves for placing bath items. The simpler the furniture in appearance and more comfortable inside, the more harmony will be felt in the bathroom.

Design bathroom

What colors are best for bathroom interiors?

Feng Shui involves the use of a uniform color scheme in such spaces. The style of the bathroom, shower, toilet, faucets and other plumbing fixtures should be the same – they often pick up plumbing fixtures and accessories made of high-quality metal. Metal is one of the five components of Feng Shui.




As for additional accessories – towels, paintings, bottles, they should be bright. Then the objects will transform the space and lure wealth into the house. As for the tiles and decoration of the room, the most successful colors are the colors of light wood, as well as white tone, delicate blue, light green. It is necessary to focus on the introduction of soft pastel colors (cream, sand, ocher) – they are suitable for well-being.

Feng shui is not only the right direction of energy, but also design.

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