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The bathroom is where we spend significant time. The design and interior of the bathroom must meet a whole list of requirements that you will not neglect, at least for the sake of your health and basic convenience. It is known that ceramic tile for the bathroom is a beautiful and practical solution, but today, experts recommend using ceramic granite for decoration of rooms with a high level of humidity. A bathroom finished with porcelain tiles is not a cheap solution, but it is gaining popularity in recent years. This is not exactly what ceramic tiles are in the bathroom and here’s why.

Stoneware for the bathroom is more durable and reliable.

  • it has the best geometric characteristics;
  • stoneware bathroom is not afraid of moisture, the material does not absorb water at all;
  • Stoneware for the bathroom has increased abrasion and does not lose its appearance over time;
  • however, this bathroom tile is more expensive than conventional ceramic.

Experience shows that in a short time, the design of a bathroom made of porcelain tiles is rapidly gaining momentum despite the high price, but thanks to the reliability and quality of the material. And the variety of collections of bathroom tiles is so great that you can easily design any bathroom interior.

The use of porcelain tiles in the bathroom is also advisable because this material has minimal moisture absorption. The tile is easy to fit on the same principle as a regular tile, but requires the use of special adhesive compositions suitable for laying this material.

At the same time, it is still necessary to create a waterproofing layer in accordance with building codes and regulations, although stoneware does not pass moisture and liquid chemicals. It has an extremely wear-resistant surface, withstands strong mechanical impact.

Thanks to the ceramic granite lining, you can create a noble and modern interior in the bathroom. At the same time, the consumer can not limit their imagination – presented on the market granite is very diverse.

There are models of tiles that imitate natural wood, natural stone, metal, and mosaic. Having invested relatively small funds in the purchase of porcelain tiles, you can make a lining that is not distinguishable from the finish of a real stone.

Design the walls and floors in the bathroom should be different types of granite. For example, the walls look equally good due to the facing of polished, rough or embossed granite. And for the floor, polished tiles are absolutely not suitable – it becomes too slippery and unsafe. You can combine different types of tiles to create an original design.

Over the past few years, granite tiles have significantly displaced traditional ceramic tiles due to their reliability, durability, higher strength and precise dimensions.

An important feature of this material is color stability. This is an additional advantage of stoneware over conventional tile, which is painted and coated with glaze on the surface, and therefore becomes unattractive after the appearance of scratches.

It is also worth noting that stoneware does not conduct electricity. If the wires in the bathroom are exposed as a result of an electrical failure, the risk of electric shock will be significantly lower.

For those who keep up with the times, porcelain tile for the bathroom has become the best option for flooring in combination with a Underfloor heating system. Tile perfectly conducts heat and does not deform, does not change its dimensions.

You should warn those consumers who are not well versed in laying tiles. To create a luxurious finish, you not only need to choose a beautiful tile, but also choose the right glue for its installation, grout composition and tile care products.

To work with these materials, you need special tools, and most importantly-serious experience. Therefore, it is recommended to trust the appropriate specialists with granite facing.


The material structure itself provides the following properties:

  • the material is devoid of various cracks and voids, so it is able to effectively counteract the effects of an aggressive environment;
  • porcelain tile is often used as a material for paving paths in parks, which do not lose their performance properties even under the influence of severe frosts;
  • the pattern and texture of the surface will be preserved even under the influence of heavy machinery, and with minimal loads characteristic of the bathroom, it will cope quite easily.

The color of ceramic granite is not the result of staining the tile surface, it is obtained by introducing a coloring pigment into the composition of granite during production, so it does not lose its original color throughout the entire service life.

Porcelain stoneware

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