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Hydromassage bath

History of the hot tub

For the first time, hot tubs, or as we call them, Jacuzzi, appeared in the early twentieth century. Their inventors were brothers named Jacuzzi, who emigrated to America from the province of Friuli (Italy). In 1910, when one of the brothers, Roy Jacuzzi, was undergoing treatment after a car accident, and he needed daily hydrotherapy treatments, he decided to try to make a simple bath something unusual and useful for health. Roy, who had spent his entire life developing and manufacturing pumps and marine motors, decided to adapt the hydraulic pump to an ordinary bath. And what happened? The pump, when immersed in a bath of water, gave out a massage jet, thereby producing the effect of bubbling water. After a while, not only their compatriots, but also people living abroad, knew about the invention of the Jacuzzi. And in 1968, Jacuzzi Inc offered customers the first self-contained hot tub. Over time, hot tubs have improved and gained popularity among residents of different countries. Today, the plumbing market has a huge selection of hot tubs of different price categories.

The demand for hot tubs is increasing every year.


In the most ordinary version, a hot tub is a bath of any shape, color and size (from “sitting” to a mini-pool), equipped with a pump, a hydro massage system (6-8 nozzles with spherical inserts), a system of pipes and a pneumatic control panel.

What is useful about a hot tub and how it works

Hot tubs are very useful for health, because hydro massage is a process that gives a significant relaxing and regenerating effect; it increases blood circulation and activates the heart, leads to the removal of toxins from the body, and is effective in preventing varicose veins. Hydro massage relieves stress, eliminates insomnia, strengthens and strengthens the protective reaction of the skin from external influences, improves tone, restores good health and fitness. It is very useful to take a course of hydro massage in the most stressful times of the year for the body – the beginning of autumn and spring. Hydro massage also helps to adapt the body to changing time zones.

Hot tubs

The force of the water jet, the angle at which it falls on the massaged surface, the shape of the nozzle, the temperature of the water – all these factors depend on the degree of impact of the hydro massage on a person. The pressure on different parts of the body should also be different. For example, when massaging the back, the pressure can be from 2 to 5 atmospheres, and when massaging the hips, the pressure should not exceed 4 atmospheres.

Before taking a hot tub, you need to choose one of the types of massage: air massage (air), hydro massage (water) or turbopul (both air and water at the same time). To perform air massage, miniature air nozzles are installed in the bottom of the hot tub, to which air is supplied under pressure from the compressor. Air massage is a procedure that gives exquisite pleasure, it is pleasant for the skin, but does not give a special therapeutic effect. Aeromassazhnye nozzles are usually located at the bottom of the bath, and hydro-massage-on the walls.

Hydromassaje bath

In addition to hydro and air massage, the  bath can be equipped with a mixer that allows you to switch the direction of water supply. Depending on the model, up to ten massage modes can be provided in the hot tub: pulsating massage, Oriental massage, and automatic wave running from head to toe. Located in two rows on the front wall of the bath, special nozzles allow you to stimulate certain points of toning (located on both sides of the spine). Hot tubs take no more than 15 minutes.

NOTE! It should be remembered that children, pregnant women and people suffering from heart diseases should consult a doctor before starting to take hot tubs.

How does a hot tub work

Being in a foam bath is a lot of fun, especially for the fair sex, who often complement bathing with a water massage session. Fashion for a slim and toned body causes the desire to always be in shape. Perhaps this is why every woman in the shower dreams of a bath with a hydro massage system, procedures in which the effectiveness is not inferior to classes in the gym.

When diving into a hot tub, few people think about the algorithm of functioning of its “filling”: where do the water streams come from, how do they mix with air bubbles, how does the water pumping mechanism work? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Hot tubs

First, let’s find out what a Spa system built into the body of the bath is. Main components:

  • pump;
  • a system of communicating hoses;
  • nozzles;
  • air massage system or compressor;
  • navigation system.

The pump pumps water from the water intake, then the flow is distributed through numerous hoses, which in turn supply water to the hydro-massage nozzles. Nozzle nozzles protrude on the surface of the bath body. Depending on the model, there may be 6, 8, 12, 16 or more. They are located at the bottom, on the sides, sometimes at the level of the legs or neck. It all depends on the prevailing type of massage, which is adapted to the Spa system. Passing through the nozzles (jets), the water comes into contact with air bubbles and returns to the bath. In this way, the Spa system extracts water from the bath, where it returns after the above cycle.

Air-water jet carefully cares for the body. Manufacturers of hot tubs place the nozzles at a certain angle, taking into account the problem areas of the human body. Thus, the massage achieves maximum productivity.

The role of the compressor is to transport air to the jets. Modern models are often equipped with an air massage system. Air massage jets differ from hydro massage jets in size and location. The modern model consist of 8-10 Aerojet. If possible, give preference to a bath with multi-functional nozzles, which will significantly enrich the pleasant range of sensations from taking a bath.

Hot tubs are equipped with an intuitive control system that allows you to adjust the intensity and direction of the jet, as well as to control the water-air balance. Depending on the model, the Spa system is controlled by:

  • compact mobile remote that comes with the bathroom;
  • navigation system carried on Board the bath.

Air nozzles are responsible for the power of the jet. Some hot tubs offer a “turbo” function that allows you to set the maximum amount of air to be supplied to the jets. So if you want a regular hot tub can be turned into a bubbling geyser!

Hydromassage bath/hot tub

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