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Health is something everyone should take car of. Cold training is one of the procedures that helps to increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental influences.

Cold training is additionally called “Hydrotherapy”. Doctors and experts say that the procedure is beneficial for the health of blood vessels, people with high blood pressure and those with poor circulation. Also, cold water can stimulate the vagus nerve and normalize the endocrine system.

Cold water

When water is a favorite health resort, then cold training makes sense to do. Only in this way will this procedure bring benefit and pleasure. Moreover, you can start at any age, although it is still recommended to consult a doctor in order to do everything correctly and not to the detriment of the body. Among the advantages of the procedure:

  •  Increase in working capacity.
  • Body cleansing.
  •  Immunity boost.
  • Strengthening tone.
  • Feeling better.
  • Increase endurance.
  • Activation of the whole organism.

Over time, a person can learn to quickly cope with stress and colds.

Does cold training have a positive effect on immunity – what is important to know about it?

Since cold training has many benefits, it undoubtedly has a positive effect on the immune system and increases resistance to changing environmental conditions. Many lovers of the “ice shower” confirm that the body begins to generate heat immediately after the procedure. Many are wondering, is this really so? Everyone can always take a risk and try, but before that, you need to gradually prepare yourself for this process. This can be done by adhering to practical recommendations:

1. At the beginning of the procedure, it is advised to wipe your own body with a damp to  wel.

2. It is necessary to start dousing with water at room temperature.

3. Douching should be reduced gradually by 1-2-3 degrees Celsius every 2-3 days.

4. The first time you need to pour only the lower part of the body.

5. On the third or fourth day, you can proceed to dousing the shoulders.

6. As the hydrotherapy of the body, on the 6-7th day, you can pour over the whole.

7. The air temperature should be approximately 18 degrees Celsius.

8. At the end of the process, a person should feel cold skin, and inside the body – heat.

9. After cold training, you should completely rub the body with your hands, and wipe your hair

Thanks to the gradual decrease in water temperature, you can get used to cold training. If after rubbing the skin becomes a little red -э this is a normal effect. Do not pour over if it is too cold or shaking from the cold. Cold training is a process that must be done with pleasure, because the procedure should bring joy and a good mood, and not make you experience negative feelings.

Cold training

Why is it worth cold training and how is such “stress” useful for the body?

Wiping, dousing, dipping and swimming in cold water will improve health, add vigor and strengthen the spirit. Water, as the main source of life, with the right external influence is extremely beneficial for the human body.

cold training

Dousing is not only “pouring cold water on yourself from a bucket” and taking an “ice shower”, but also a process of mental preparation for the act. It is especially useful to perform hardening after an intensive fitness workout, in the gym or after dancing, because such a contrast shower will energize and give a number of positive emotions. “Stress” for the body will be obtained under the guise of strong immunity and the only way!

If you carry out the procedure often and regularly, you can increase the production of leukocytes, increase the protective functions of the body and feel every day like a “new one”.

cold training



Pros of cold water: interesting about cold training

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