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No matter in what form you are used to taking water treatments, whether it is  contrast shower or a bath with aromatic substances, or bathroom servise kind of refuge for you, where you forget about troubles and prob1lesms, relieve tension and stress, completely relax.

Feng shui

To create a bathroom according to Feng Shui during the renovation of an apartment or house, you will have to take into account a lot of various little things and parameters:

  • its location,
  • the texture of materials,
  • colors and shades,
  • various elements, and so on.

Location of the bathroom in the house

Water in China is associated with all material goods, so the location of the bathroom should be paramount when drawing up the layout of the house. Since many people are not able to change the location of the bathroom in the apartment and house even during major repairs, it is necessary to use a variety of combinations of materials to createvisual effects and block the flow of negative energy into this room for relaxation. Thus, the disadvantages of her unfortunate location in the house will be smoothed out, and the advantages will be enhanced.

A bath in the bedroom according to Feng Shui?

In the case of a close neighborhood of the bedroom and the bath in the house, according to the Feng Shui of the bathroom, you should do this:

• place the bed as far as possible from the wall bordering the bathroom;

• according to Feng Shui of the bedroom, the bed should not be opposite the entrance to the bath or toilet;

• additional “blocking” – hang a mirror on the door of the bathroom and toilet, this move will “remove” the entrance from the space.

In conclusion, the main rule that applies not only to the Feng Shui of the bathroom – for the correct and active circulation of energy in space, the premises should be as clean as possible, dirt and dust “accumulate” negativity in themselves, which can cause adverse effects on you.

Feng shui
Not feng shui

Lighting in the bathroom according to Feng Shui.

In recent years, baths adjacent to, and sometimes built into, bedrooms have been intensively promoted. According to the canons of Feng Shui, this is fundamentally not true. With this placement, failure will enter the house. Polluted Qi energy, which is present in the bathroom, toilet, combined bathroom, has a negative impact, so it is necessary to get rid of it in the bedroom, and not bring it there. Otherwise, it reincarnates into Sha energy. In order to prevent polluted Qi flows from penetrating into your bedroom, you can separate it with a screen. The ideal solution was invented in China: such screens are created from ceramic balls that do not let Shi into the living room of the house


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The energy of fire in the bathroom

The bathroom is dominated by the characteristics of Yin, thanks to the water element, which must be compensated. It is necessary to organize good ventilation and heating in the room so that moisture does not stagnate and dampness does not form. Very often, saunas are equipped in bathrooms. This is very positive, because she personifies the element of fire. A special fiery power lies precisely in dry saunas, not in baths. It gives a necessary charge of energy to a person and the whole house. The unity of the power of water and the power of fire in this place is a way to burn the negative energy that is constantly accumulating in the apartment and house.

Feng shui

Thoughtful design and color of the bathroom according to Feng Shui

The bathroom should be very beautiful, so the design of this room is thought out in a special way, and it is performed in harmony with the design of all other rooms. With disharmony, the pacifying energy of the fish will separate from the biofield of the apartment, which is unacceptable.

It is very important to think over the color solutions. Since the biofield of water is very strong, it should be softened with soft and sensitive forms. Never do your bathroom in dark and gloomy colors. In this case, instead of cleaning, your biofield will become clogged with negative energy accumulating in the apartment.

Do not abuse bright colors either. Make only some items in a contrasting style so that they stimulate favorable Qi energy. The best bathrooms come in white and pastel colors.

Feng shui

Choose a color:



light green,


light wood.

The purest green color is able to purify the soul from evil. White color cleanses the aura well, and blue as a symbol of heavenly blessing will remove everything superfluous from our thoughts, because feng Shui masters prefer it. The color of light wood contributes to the harmony of male and female energy.

Window and bathroom lighting

If there is no window in the bathroom, negative energy has nowhere to go, so it is necessary to equip good ventilation in the room, although it will not change the Qi energy. It is required to ventilate the bathroom very often.

Feng shui

Bathroom Tips

If there is a window, place plants in the bathroom. They will create freshness and absorb excess moisture.

Keep the bathroom door always closed if it opens into another room, especially the bedroom.

Hang closed shelves and put cabinets with doors so that extra items do not clutter the room.

If the bathroom is combined, always keep the toilet lid closed, especially at the moment when the water is drained: according to the canons of Feng Shui, at this moment the water associated with money flows away along with your well-being.

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All kinds of aromatic substances, candles, oils that carry part of the energy of Fire, which complements the water element, allow you to complement the atmosphere of relaxation.

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