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Wallpaper for bathroom : the benefits and disadvantages of the finishing material

Choosing a bathroom lining, first of all, you should be guided by the special microclimate of the room. Wallpaper is characterized by the appearance of blisters and spots under the influence of water vapor on a paper basis, which will later cause the appearance of fungus and mold on the walls. Therefore, the Wallpaper should be chosen exclusively water- resistant.

Characteristic advantages of water-resistant Wallpaper for the bathroom:

  • low cost of materials and work;
  • the process of pasting is not labor-intensive, which allows you to perform the work yourself, without the involvement of specialists;
  • the ability to quickly transform the room, which is limited to a few hours of operation;
  • a wide range of different options and high decorative characteristics make it possible to implement any design idea;
  • the ability to quickly update the room, which is associated with easy dismantling of Wallpaper;
  • the finish does not need special care;
  • after contact with water, there are no streaks on the surface of the Wallpaper.

This facing material has its own weaknesses. First of all, you can not use simple paper Wallpaper for the bathroom, which will quickly lose its original appearance and the possibility of further use, which is due to the constant impact of high temperature fluctuations and moisture. Due to the high hygroscopicity of the material under the influence of water vapor will accumulate moisture and swell, which will subsequently attract to the peeling of the product.

Do not choose ordinary glue for Wallpaper. It will absorb moisture, swell and spoil the appearance of the lining.

Useful advice! For wallpapering in the bathroom, choose an adhesive that has an anti-fungal composition and increased adhesion.

There are several types of moisture-resistant Wallpaper that can be used for rooms with high humidity. These include: vinyl, cleaning, self-adhesive, liquid Wallpaper and glass Wallpaper.

Washable Wallpaper for the bathroom: budget and reliable wall cladding

The most affordable option is to use washable Wallpaper as a bathroom finish. The material can be made on different bases. A special moisture-resistant coating is applied to the surface of the product, which is not afraid to contact with water. Dust and dirt are easily removed from this surface. There is no soil for the development of microorganisms, which eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew. Washable Wallpaper can withstand high humidity and maintain an attractive original appearance for a long period of time.

This material is characterized by the following advantages:

  • due to its strong structure, the Wallpaper is highly resistant to mechanical damage;
  • the material is characterized by a long service life;
  • it has good adhesion, so that the product can be glued to a concrete base, plaster or paint;
  • Wallpaper does not need special care, the surface is easily cleaned with a wet sponge;
  • easy and fast installation and easy disassembly of the product.

The main disadvantage of washable Wallpaper is low vapor permeability, so the bathroom needs good ventilation and regular ventilation. You can buy washing water-resistant Wallpaper for the bathroom for an average of 1100 rubles/roll.

Marking of washable water-resistant Wallpaper for the bathroom

Depending on the degree of moisture resistance, washable Wallpaper is divided into several types, each of which has its own marking:

  • one wavy line indicates a low moisture resistance, which eliminates active surface washing;
  • two the other wavy lines indicate a moisture-resistant material that can be treated with mild detergents;
  • three wavy lines indicate a moisture-resistant and durable material that can be cleaned with aggressive detergents;
  • marking in the form of a brush and a wavy line indicates that the product can be affected with a hard brush without fear of violating the integrity of the material;
  • the brush with three wavy lines is a dense and durable material that can be safely treated with aggressive cleaning agents and a hard brush.

Useful advice! Washable Wallpaper is better to choose in a calm color scheme, because bright colors can quickly lose their original appearance with frequent washing of the surface.



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